Define Strategy

Digital strategy

In the era of the new media, a digital strategy needs to be designed within the context of traditional marketing.  With my 360 degree marketing experience, on top of my digital marketing expertise, I am able to help organizations define how digital media can fit into their marketing mix.

As each organization’s culture, branding, product positioning, target audience and delivery channels defer, the digital strategy adopted would need to be adapted in order to bring maximum return to the corporation.

With the advent of integrated marketing, the digital channel is used to amplify and complement traditional marketing. By adopting such an approach, organizations are able to gain an edge against their competition, increasing brand awareness and revenue concurrently.

My expertise in strategy includes:

  • Developing digital strategy for B2B and B2C corporations, by conceptualizing the role digital marketing plays alongside traditional marketing strategy.
  • Identifying ideal digital marketing channels to fit strategic objectives
  • Establishing KPIs and measure campaign results against KPIs
  • Understand an organization’s products and businesses, establish frameworks upon which digital campaigns can play an effective role in revenue generation

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