Build & Execute

Social Selling

A digital strategy has to be complemented by excellent campaign execution. The Build and Execute elements comprises of the following:

Website and Portal design

The corporate website is the centrality of all your digital campaigns and communications and is the virtual representation of your organization. Thus, websites have to adopt the following elements:


  • Optimum user experience
  • Easy navigation
  • Design elements aligned with corporate branding
  • Optimized content, and regularly updated
  • Social media elements
  • Functional elements with seamless integration with backend systems

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is becoming increasingly essential to any organization. However, being earned media, heavily curated and loosely moderated, social media works well in both spreading good buzz, as well as bad.

With this, the view on social media marketing need to considered holistically as part of the entire digital strategy plan. Adequate resources and processes need to be in place to ensure that relationships with external audiences are well managed, while maintaining transparency and positive share of voice.

Ultimately, social media marketing management incorporates:

  • Social Customer Relationship Management (Social CRM)
  • Social media campaigns to drive awareness and audience reach
  • Social media listening, to make sense of what’s out there
  • Social media ROIs to establish the value of social media campaigns
  • Integration of social media with other digital elements (website, paid media, etc)

Digital Paid Media Campaign Promotions

Paid media is essential in quickly driving traffic and creating awareness to a site or a campaign. However, with the breadth of digital paid media available in the market, not all paid media is suited for every digital marketing objective.

Certain paid media channels are excellent for creating awareness, driving huge number of impressions towards a wide base of audiences. However, these may be in effective for specific target audiences and certain products or solutions.  Other paid media are excellent for specific targeting, but ineffective for driving awareness.

With this, the use of paid media should be considered carefully with proper consultation from a digital marketing consultant.

Note: Some examples of Digital Paid Media include banner advertising, search engine marketing, content syndication, social advertising and email marketing.