Digital Strategy Consulting

  • Digital Marketing Strategy Development for corporations
  • Optimize and execute digital campaigns for optimum performance
  • Social Selling Enablement
  • Social CRM
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    What do Digital Marketing Strategists do?

    I help corporations attain their business goals effectively and efficiently via digital media. This would include analyzing the existing business model and marketing mix, and defining how digital marketing can help drive revenue within the organization.

    Ultimately, B2B and B2C corporations will be able to embrace digital media, measure it and incorporate as part of their marketing and communications functions. The following are my core focus areas:
    A clear strategy is necessary to understand how best digital will fit within your organization. Also, with KPIs and measurements defined, we can then accurately define success & continuous improvements.
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    B2B and B2C Corporations do social selling differently. Work with me to discover whether social CRM works best for your organization, or if social selling at a personal scale is a better fit.